British Zoe Backstedt wins junior women’s time trial title at 17 at road world championships

British junior cyclist Zoe Backstedt takes victory in the junior women’s time trial at the road world championships in Wollongong, Australia.

Zoe completed 14.1km in 18min 26.78sec time in New South Wales and took victory by 1min 35.58sec ahead of Germany’s Justyna Czapla and Febe Jooris of Belgium. Justyna completed the race in the second position, while Febe was in the third.

Zoe now holds junior women’s world titles in a road race, cyclo-cross, time trial, and Madison. She said It feels incredible, and I wanted this one. It means a lot to me, and I am happy about this win. My legs were hurting out on the course, but that was good because I knew I was going hard and strong.

“There’s no pressure, I’m young, and I put no pressure on me. If I do, then it’s not a good thing to have in my mind. Before every race, she goes out in the sun and tries to relax,” Zoe said.

In the men’s junior time trial, Joshua Tarling took spectacular victory ahead of Australian Hamish McKenzie. Tarling was the last rider off the ramp in the men’s event, and he made the fastest time at each of the intermediate checkpoints and made it clear he was the class of the field.

Tarling made the victory in the men’s junior trial title over Australian Hamish McKenzie from 19 seconds, and he also won a silver medal in this event 12 months ago.

Tarling said, It definitely has not sunk in yet, but it just feels like a relief. It’s been so hard, and I was a bit annoyed after last year, and I wanted this win, he said.

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